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Nancy Drew Books series was started in 1930 and still continues. There are more than four hundreds of books about Nancy. They can be separated into several sub-series. Books about Nancy Drew were written for children and teenagers but person of any age can find these mystery stories interesting.

Nancy Drew BooksThe original Nancy Drew
The book series has started in 1930 when the first title"The Secret of the Old Clock" has been published. 56 books were published by Grosset & Dunlap between 1930 and 1979. Carolyn Keene was credited as author of all books but it was a collective pseudonym, most of Nancy Drew books of this period were written by H.S. Adams.
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Nancy Drew BooksThe Nancy Drew Mystery Stories (The original Nancy Drew by Simon & Schuster)
In 1979 Nancy Drew books series was continued by publisher Simon & Schuster. They've published 118 books between 1979 and 2003. This new series is called "Nancy Drew Mystery Stories" and were published in paperback format while original books had hardback format. In 2006 some titles have been republished in original format. Every book has good cover illustration and some of them even have different versions of illustration.
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Nancy Drew BooksThe Nancy Drew Files
In 1986 Simon & Schuster started a parallel series - "The Nancy Drew Files". These books are targeted at older teenager readers. 124 titles have been released between 1986 and 1997. There is more romance and adventure in this series. Many book from Nancy Drew Case Files hit different bestsellers lists.
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Nancy Drew BooksThe Nancy Drew Notebooks
Books from "The Nancy Drew Notebooks" are aimed at young readers. Nancy in these books is eight years old. The series is named so due to a notebook where Nancy keeps notes about interesting and useful things she has discovered. The books from this series are illustrated with black and white paintings. This "Nancy Drew Notebooks" consists 69 books and was finished in 2005 (started in 1994).
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Nancy Drew BooksThe Nancy Drew Girl Detective
The original Nancy Drew series that has been running since 1930 was cancelled in 2003 and replaced with Nancy Drew Girl Detective. 33 books have been already published and 4 more titles are announced by publisher. There were also several graphic novels in this series.
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